Setting up your first web server on windows with Apache, PHP and MySQL
by Amit Arora
Published: August 5, 2003
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This article 'll help in setting up your first web server on windows with Apache, PHP and MySQL. Whether you are setting up the server for your organization or for yourself. Or whether you are setting up the web server to keep a local copy of your company or personal website or to run a productive web application; this article would definative help you getting one up and running. So lets get on to business.

Server Selection

If you are doing the installations for your company or home network, then selection of server is important. However, if you are downloading for a single system, skip the selection goto the Download section.

Select a computer as a server or selecting components / configuration for server is as important your site or the information you are going to share with this intranet. A comprehensive guide on server selection is beyond the scope of this article but I 'll give you few tips:

  • Lots of RAM, a fast hard disk and fast system bus would give you far better performace then the latest processors
  • Do not install too much software on the server. Install only the bare minimums like the following installation and the required firewall and anti-virus software.
  • If the network is having more then few computers like 10-15, it would be advised that you don't install the mail server and file server on the same system, as it would create network congestion. If you have install them anyway, make sure you divide your complete network into smaller manageable units and put limitations on number of mail connections, etc.

After you have selected or got yourself a server, lets prepare our server. We start by checking whether all the clients can actually access it or not. If you haven't already downloaded the software, download the softwares.


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