Regular Expressions: An Introduction
by Amit Arora
Published: January 12, 2004
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Alternate, as the name suggest allows you to define an alternate in the patter. Or in simple terms it would mean "find this or that or ....".

Alternate or alternates are defined by seperating them with a pipe | character. This would become more clear from taking a few examples.

Regex /cat|rat|bat/ Explaintaion Match "cat" or "rat" or "bat" Example cats True brat True batting True Regex /(c|b|d)are/ Explaintaion Match "c" or "b" or "d", followed by are Example care True bare True dare True Note Notice that the c, b, d are enclosed in the brackets. This is called a sub-pattern

Sub-patterns are patterns within pattern. We 'll discuss them later, but I just wanted to mention them here so that there is no confusion

Taking few more examples ...

Regex /(my|your)\s(c|b|h)at/ Explaintaion Match "my" or "your", then a space, then "c" or "b" or "h", then "at" Example "This is my cat" True "Where is your bat ?" True "Is that my hat ?" True
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