Regular Expressions: An Introduction
by Amit Arora
Published: January 12, 2004
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As mentioned earlier, modifiers are like an option for the pattern, which define extra properties of the pattern matching.

  • i
    Case Insensitive: If this modifier is set, letters in the pattern match both upper and lower case letters.
  • m
    Multi-line mode: If this modifier is set, the subject string is treated to be multi line.

There are more modifiers but, they have been modified to the specific languages, so I would advise you to look up the modifiers specifiec to the languages.

Wrap up

I guess by now, you must have had a fair idea of the regular expressions. Regexps still have a lot more in them like assertions, complex regexps, etc. For now, I believe it is enough. So, its a wrap up. We may take up some more regexp in later articles.

If you have any concerns, or query, do mail me. Oh! and if you like the article, do forward it to your friends :-)


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