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PTPT touchscreen interface

24 February 2010, 11:48 pm ISTFiled under: Videos, Gadgets & Tools

This is an interesting concept of merging People, Things, Place & Timeline (PTPT).

Notion Ink's Adam Tablet's Specs Finalized (Video)

15 February 2010, 1:05 pm ISTFiled under: Videos, Gadgets & Tools

This looks quite interesting. We will have to wait couple of days when the price is revealed (I hope) in Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona.

A guess, its true, 2010 is going to be year of the Tablets.

NEC shows a Battery-less remote, gets power from button presses

19 November 2009, 6:25 am ISTFiled under: Gadgets & Tools

NEC showcased a prototype of a remote control that does not require a battery and is intended for home electric appliances.

This would definitely save on millions of AA & AAA cell batteries being used around the world, and not to mention the hassle of changing the batteries.

But as it is just a prototype, it would still take around 2 years for the commercial products to show up in the market. Till then, keep on burning those batteries.

The remote control was realized by combining
(1) a vibration-based power generation device developed by Soundpower
(2) NEC Electronics' microcomputer supporting RF remote controls that use radio waves with a frequency band ranging from several tens of MHz to several GHz to transmit and receive data and
(3) a power supply control technology that drives electronic circuits with a small amount of electricity.

[Via Tech-ON]

High Speed Robotic Hand

2 October 2009, 12:20 pm ISTFiled under: Technology, Videos, Gadgets & Tools
Ishikawa Komuro Lab's high-speed robot hand performing impressive acts of dexterity and skillful manipulation.
More Information

Gyrowheel (Self Balancing Wheel)

1 October 2009, 12:19 pm ISTFiled under: Videos, Gadgets & Tools

Gyrowheel is self balancing wheel for kids bike, so that they can learn to drive bikes easily without the attached support wheels.

Create Perfect Ice Spheres For Perfect Cocktails

10 May 2008, 4:11 pm ISTFiled under: Gadgets & Tools, Off the beat

For all those of you drunk-holics. (And I mean drunk), here is how to Create Perfect Ice Spheres For Perfect Cocktails. So that you can get wasted even more faster.

Great Balls of Ice ... :-)

R2-D2 Projector in Action

3 May 2008, 12:59 am ISTFiled under: Gadgets & Tools

For all those Star Wars fans (myself included), here is the ultimate gadget, a R2-D2 Projector (in action).

Who there is brave enough to loan me lots and lots of money, so that I can buy this idol ...

Amazing PC Setup

13 April 2008, 8:17 pm ISTFiled under: Gadgets & Tools

James has posted his Amazing Tri-Monitor Rackmount PC and its build process.

I should start saving some money to have a setup like this ...

Kevlar Thread

15 September 2007, 9:24 am ISTFiled under: Gadgets & Tools

If your shirt/top buttons break easily, you may want to use to button them. Available in five color (black, brown, orange, yellow, olive).

But DO NOT try to break it by hand - you'll just hurt yourself. As (by weight) Kevlar is five times stronger than steel wire and is used in bulletproof vests.

Available from

[Via Cool Tools]

TV-B-Gone: Television Eliminator

18 February 2006, 3:55 am ISTFiled under: Gadgets & Tools

Via CoolTools:

Switch off thousands of TVs using just one small remote! When you want some peace and quiet in that local bar of restaurant or office all you need to do is hit the TV-B-Gone button. I've used it in bars and clubs, and in the headquarters building of a large South African bank which had too many TV's on the walls and some of which needed to switched off. It really does work.

--Paul Parkinson

[When you press the button, TV-B-Gone takes slightly more than a minute to emit more than 200 popular shutdown codes, like trying every possible combination to open a safe. The instructions include a diatribe against television in general, as if using this product is not merely a prank, but a serious political act. CP]

TV-B-Gone, $20, Available from Amazon. Manufactured by TV B Gone.

Now only if someone could gift this to me! Anyone out there ?

Wordlock! (A password lock)

21 July 2005, 4:28 am ISTFiled under: Gadgets & Tools

Via Cool Tools: Wordlock is a lock with a password. It would be nice to remember a password or word instead of the numbers. Well, if you think so, get this one.

I (also) wonder why someone didn't think of it till now ?


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